DC to AC Conversion Kit for Yamaha Golf Carts 48V


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New – Navitas Yamaha G29 48V 4kW 600A DC to AC Conversion Kit

AC 4 kW motor. 600 amp AC Controller with Bluetooth

The Navitas DC to AC Conversion Kit for Yamaha G29 48 volt golf cars is designed for easy installation and increased performance over DC systems. The super-efficient AC system results in longer run times, more torque and faster acceleration. Dealer level app access is available for qualified customers.


·         AC 4 kW motor

·         600 amp AC controller with Bluetooth

·         Navitas module for Yamaha G29

·         Speed sensor/motor termperature harness

·         Mounting plate and hardware

·         Motor phase cable

·         On-The-Fly programmer

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