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This is the 1200w Waterproof (on-board) charger option
The FSIP (off-board) charger option

Insulated ABS Material M8 Battery Screw Terminal

Threaded, M8x54mm binding post

Brass, Nickel Plating


Insulated ABS Material M8 Battery Screw Terminal

Brand Name: JIAOU

Model Number: M8

Type: Threaded, M8x54mm binding post

Product Name: Battery Terminal M8

Body Material: Brass, Nickel Plating

Insulated Material: ABS

Current Rating: 50A

Voltage: 3000V

Body Material   Brass, Nickel Plating
 Insulated Material  ABS
 Color  Black,Can Be Customized
 Type  M8x54mm binding post
 Current Rating  M8x54mm binding post
 Voltage  3000V
 Main Products  Push Button Switch;AC Power Socket;Fuse Holder;etc




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