Curtis 72 Volt Solenoid w/Bracket/Resister/Diode


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  • 36/48 volt, 4 terminal solenoid
  • 200A continuous, 600A peak
  • For Club Car DS/Precedent 2000-Up
  • Comes with bracket, resistor and diode already attached
  • OEM # 1019087-01
  • Curtis # SW80

Curtis 72 Volt Solenoid w/Bracket/Resister/Diode


  • Description:
    Brand NEW AND HIGH Quality
    Coil rated voltage (DC V):12V,24V,36V,48V,60V,72V
    Contact circuit rated load current (A):400A
    Contact pressure drop of main contact under 100A load:≯80mV
    Cooling suction action voltage (V) at (20±5)℃:≯70%
    Operating voltage of cooling release (V) at (20±5)℃:≯30%,≮5%
    Permissible range of coil voltage fluctuation:±20%
    Energizing time:10 milliseconds
    Power off release time:40 milliseconds
    Maximum bounce time for contact disconnection:3 milliseconds
    Insulation resistance:20MΩ
    Dielectric strength: 50Hz/60Hz 1000VAC 1minute
    Maximum chase breaking capacity of main contact (power on 5ms):1500A/5ms at 48V DC
    Coil power consumption (W):4-10
    Electrical endurance:20000 times
    Mechanical life:1 million times
    Contact Form:SPNO
    Contact Material:AgCdO(12)
    Testing organization certification:C
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 4 in


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