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LiFePo4 Batteries by ExtremeTeamCarts

Give your electric cart an Extreme boost! If you are looking for a battery upgrade, click below on your cart to view your LiFePo4 battery options. Otherwise, explore the page to get more information about what we feature & who we are. We have a selection of golf cart accessories as well. Thanks for visiting!



Our LiFePo4 Batteries

Evolution, Endurance, & Custom 

  • Exclusive 5 year Warranty
  • 3000+ Cycle Battery Life
  • 5x Lighter than lead/acid
  • Drop-in Ready and Zero Maintenance
  • Battery-only System includes: DC 12V Converter, Battery Management System, and Mounting Strap 
  • Battery w/ charger System also includes: your choice of Fully-sealed On-board or Non-sealed Off-board 20amp charger, OEM charging cord, SOC digital dash meter, DC converter, and battery strap


Skinny Water Marine

LiFePo4 batteries for your boats


Lithium Iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are a type of lithium ion (Li-Ion) rechargeable battery. Their benefits over the more traditional cobalt-based Li-Ion batteries are increased power output, faster charging, reduced weight and longer lifetime. The batteries also have better safety characteristics and do not explode under extreme conditions. LiFePO4 batteries also eliminate the concerns of cobolt entering the environment through improper disposal once they have expired.

Our batteries have a Bluetooth function for SOC, Single cell voltage levels, battery current and much more! 


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Installation Video on 36/48 v

$ave while upgrading your battery purchase with our Navitas DC to AC Conversion combo package. The Navitas Conversion Kit is available for your cart, even though we only list a couple of models, we will supply you with your cart-specific Navitas kit, if you choose to order the combo. Options include: 4kw or 5kw, 48v/350amp or 72v/350amp Solenoid, 48v or 72v #2 cable set, and 48v Wiring upgrade Check it out on Battery products pages

Meet Our Extreme Team

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