Drop-in Ready. Easy Install. Upgrade your cart from lead/acid batteries to Single, Lighter, Longer-lasting, Maintenance-free Lithium Phosphate Battery within 30 minutes! Your cart will perform better with more power & speed & you will no longer have to fuss with battery water levels, nor acid corrosion. 3000+ cycles. Tested & Safe. Exclusive 5 Year Warranty

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All of our batteries now feature the excellent DALY BMS

Battery Chargers

Endurance 43.8v 20amp Fully Sealed (use with 36v battery)(good for hunter, farms, beach carts, snow or wet areas)

Evolution 58.4v 20amp fully sealed (use with 48v battery) (good for hunters, Farms, beach carts, snow, or wet areas)

FSIP 58.4v 20amp Non-sealed (use with 48v battery) (good for golf courses, neighborhood carts, or non-wet areas)

EV 58.4v 9amp Non- sealed (use with 48v battery) (good for golf courses, neighborhood carts, or non-wet areas)

Great Solution, Excellent Customer Service

This is an amazing package deal that will bring your cart to life. Forget about the annoying maintenance of corrosive Lead-Acid batteries. This is a drop-in solution that also can be monitored via your smartphone. My cart is quicker, lighter, and runs 3x as long as my lead-acid batteries.

And the customer service is excellent.  – Sybren D

OUR EVOLUTION BATTERIES (48v/100a) have been difficult to keep in stock. We have sold out, again. Customers have been ordering on Backorder, therefore, when shipment arrives, they are already sold. We apologize for the inconvenience. We do appreciate the sales, however! Next shipment, we are now told, will be in Monday, February 15

EVOLUTION Series 48v/100ah lifepo4 battery

Endurance series 36v/100ah lifepo4 battery

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