About Us

Blake Sherrouse
President, CEO

Blake has 18 years of experience in Large Industrial Electric Motor Repair prior to starting Extreme Team. His many years of experience from a repair technician, all the way to running a shop with over 85 employees, has taught him many lessons in running a business, growing sales, and customer service.  He understands that honesty and customer service is the most important part of building a business. He has four children, three boys and one girl, ages 4 to 16 years old. He would like to share Philippians 4:13 “I can do all this through Him who gives me strength”.

Fred Harrison
Vice President

Brittany Braxton
Customer Support

Brittany is your advocate! She has the ear of Blake, her twin brother, and has a knack of persuasion with the bosses. Britt has three beautiful children, her oldest is a Marine – HooRah!

Terry Terrell
Web Designer

This is Terry’s first-ever “web design” (no wise cracks! :-)). Always looking to improve, he is open for suggestions (coachtt62@yahoo.com). He is sight-impaired from RP. Terry is married to his beautiful wife, Sherri. Between them, they have 5 children and 13 beautiful grandchildren! He would like to share, 2 Corinthians 5:17

We like to make it better

We started the business because my partner Fred was replacing his lead acid batteries in his cart every two years and he noticed after a year or so that he was not able to go very long or far between charges. He felt there had to be something out there that would be better. He came to me since I am more knowledgeable on the electrical side of things.

We decided, after researching, to buy some Lithium Ion battery cells and build a battery for his cart to test them out. After we tested his cart, we felt like these batteries would be something that others would like to have due to the no-maintenance requirement and the life expectancy. This is what lead us to where we are today. Never standing still, we are now moving in a different direction – believing our next, best step is LiFePo4 Battery Packs.

Over the last year we have grown in our ability and our knowledge of the lithium batteries. We have
been working on this new design, using the LiFePo4 battery, over the last 6 months. We are excited to announce that we have accomplished our goal to have a fully functional 48v and 36v Lithium battery that will
compete with, and beat our competion. We are looking forward to seeing people happy and able to run their
carts without the worries of maintaining their lead acid batteries!


Crafted by hand

Our battery cells are manufactured and assembled in the same plant. We maintain and monitor the
overall quality of our battery throughout the entire manufacturing process. Our cells are pouch type
lithium Iron Phosphate. LifePo4 cells are the safest on the market today. We use a Daly BMS system that
has a fully functional blue tooth application, this allows customers to see their battery health and monitor
capacity battery levels at any time. Our Focus has been to bring a high-quality battery to the market for
the electric/golf cart industry.


Passionate for real

We love serving others. Our passion is to provide excellence with our products, in our craftsmanship, and in our customer service. Our goal is to make you an extremely satisfied customer.


We promote integrity

We understand that our character & reputation is our foundation. Without honesty, all else fails. We will serve you as we would expect to be served.


We offer local installation (25 miles within 33809). We offer Installation Kits for DIY. We plan to offer more golf cart related products in the very near future. We are just starting out on what we hope is a wonderful journey…