One Pack, Extreme Power, LiFePO4 Batteries by Extreme Team Carts & Accessories

The following batteries are IN STOCK: 

48v 150ah High Output EZ

48v 200ah High Output CC

72v 173ah High Output

72v 200ah High Output

72v 150ah High Output EZ

72v 150ah High Output CC

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All other batteries are in production. Please fill out the WAITING LIST and we will reach out to you when your battery becomes available. Due to the current Supply Chain issues, up to 90 days is the lead time.



The products are mainly used to control switching on/off of power supply of storage battery car, electric forklift, electric winch, electric car, excavator, air conditioner in vehicle, power source

Ordering Notice

For example: ZJ400D/12V The DC contactor of main contact is one NO, rated voltage not more than DC 80V, current 400A, coil

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LiFePo4 Batteries by Extreme Team

Give your electric cart an Extreme boost! If you are looking for a battery upgrade, click below on your cart to view your LiFePo4 battery options. Otherwise, explore the page to get more information about what we feature & who we are. We have a selection of golf cart accessories as well. Thanks for visiting!


Exclusive 5 year Warranty  Read more… LiFePo4 Battery Warranty

3000+ Cycle Battery Life Gives You 10+ Years

5x Lighter than lead/acid. Our NEW High Output packs range from 99 lbs (48v 80ah & 100ah) to 268 lbs (72v 200ah) ! A standard 48v LEAD ACID battery bank will weigh +330 lbs

Drop-in Ready or slight modifications may be required, depending on cart. Zero Maintenance. Tested & Safe. Our batteries have a Bluetooth function for SOC, Single cell voltage levels, battery current and much more! 

Battery-only System includes: DC 12V Converter, Battery Management System, and Mounting Strap 

Battery w/ charger System also includes: your choice of Fully-sealed On-board or Non-sealed Off-board 20amp charger, OEM charging cord, SOC digital dash meter, DC converter, and battery strap

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