Exclusive 5 Year Warranty

LiFePo4 Batteries by Extreme Team

Give your electric cart an Extreme boost! If you are looking for a battery upgrade, click below on your cart to view your LiFePo4 battery options. Otherwise, explore the page to get more information about what we feature & who we are. We have a selection of golf cart accessories as well. Thanks for visiting!

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Exclusive 5 year Warranty  Read more… LiFePo4 Battery Warranty

3000+ Cycle Battery Life Gives You 10+ Years

5x Lighter than lead/acid

Our 36v weighs 70.5 lbs

Our 48v weighs between 62 to 176 lbs

Our 72v weighs between 137 to 292 lbs

A standard 48v LEAD ACID battery bank will weigh +330 lbs

Drop-in Ready and Zero Maintenance. Tested & Safe.

Our batteries have a Bluetooth function for SOC, Single cell voltage levels, battery current and much more! 

Battery-only System includes: DC 12V Converter, Battery Management System, and Mounting Strap 

Battery w/ charger System also includes: your choice of Fully-sealed On-board or Non-sealed Off-board 20amp charger, OEM charging cord, SOC digital dash meter, DC converter, and battery strap


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Love the support and quality of my 72v lithium battery!

Allan P

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